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Liming Soft Wax for Chalk finish paint and Pickling (White)

Liming Soft Wax for Chalk finish paint and Pickling (White)

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Da Vinci liming wax formulation will produce a white-grained finish to bare, stained or painted wood. Hundreds of years ago, the liming method was used to lighten the dark wood panels in various mansions of the day.  The finish is created by filling deep pours in open-grain timber with liming wax. Even when dry, the white liming wax contrasts with the darker painted surface or wood, emphasizing the grain pattern. Liming wax can be applied directly to bare wood and onto sealed surfaces.

Da Vinci “Bee Amazed” Soft Wax is made from natural renewable non-toxic ingredients. It is a beeswax formula that is natural (clear) or Dark (which gives an antique look) and made from a blend of natural oils and beeswax. There are no solvents used, no petroleum products and no chemicals added which is why it is natural and safe to use in your home.
Uses: Over chalk paint, shabby chic furniture & antique furniture and a good all-round furniture wax..
Natural low odour with a touch of citrus makes using a pleasant experience. Chalk paint needs to be sealed. Buffed-up wax is an effective and aesthetically pleasing sealant. It can take a little time but the results are worth it. Wipe on, wait to dry, then buff with clean rag. It is the same principle over chalk paint. Or you can apply dark wax (or wax tinted with chalk paint) with a brush and wipe off and buff with a rag. Or apply dark wax with a brush and then brush on clear wax to create interesting distressed protective finishes.

To use: Allow chalk paint to dry overnight, this is so paint has hard enough to rub wax in. If distressing do this prior to waxing, Apply a light coat of Only Greens Soft Wax  (always apply in thin layers allowing wax to dry quickly) over chalk painted area
with a soft brush or a soft lint free cloth. If on wood always apply with the grain of the wood.  As Only Greens soft wax has no solvents it may take a little longer to dry than other waxes so we suggest you let the wax completely dry overnight then buff for added shine. For a harder wax we recommend Only Greens Eco-Wax liquid Carnauba wax or Only Greens Glaze & Medium for a clear and hard finish Helpful hints: All waxes may alter the colour of the paint a couple of shades. Remember the more you buff the If applying a dark wax apply a clear coat first and then apply the dark wax to give a uniform colour .

Technical Information:
Number of Coats: normally one coat is enough. Heavy used areas such kitchens 3 coats is recommended. Wax is a maintenance system so when it looks a little tired clean and re-wax
Coverage: 6-9 Sq metres per Litre (per coat) depending on porosity & texture of surface.

Dry time: 3-4 Hours between coats and suggest overnight before buffing for best results (depends on humidity & temperature)                            

Apply with: Wax Brush or lint free rag or cloth

Thinning: Not recommended   

Clean-up: Warm soapy water

Storage & surface temperature: Do not store or apply if lower than 10ºC or above 35 ºC

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