Collection: Corten Garden rusty steel border edging

Corten Garden border edging

Vintique Corten Rusty steel garden edging is an important, but often overlooked, part of landscape design that can easily improve a property's curb appeal.

It is Functional, Rustic and beautiful, and really easy to install.

Vintique Corten steel edging has become a must-have for many gardeners,homeowners and landscapers over the years. This hard-wearing metal is the perfect option for traditional or modern gardens as it blends well with both natural and manmade materials.

 As well as looking the part, corten steel edging and borders are incredibly hard-wearing, is Functional, Rustic and beautiful, and really easy to install. It Requires no maintenance once it’s put in place. The steel goes through a weathering process, resulting in an attractive rusty finish.

This layer of rust isn’t just for looks though, it actually acts as a shield for the blue steel inside, helping to protect it against breaking down. The result is strong steel lawn edging that will add an attractive touch to your driveway or garden.