More information on Vintage Cast Iron Hardware & cabinetry

At Vintique Vintage hardware We Love Cast iron Antique look Hardware. So we thought to offer some information aboutthis type ogf Vintage hardware.

A wee bit of history of Cast Iron

Black Cast Iron Antique Iron was first seen in around 1380. This type of door furniture hardware  made from this was made by the local blacksmiths out of cast iron.

Cast iron is brittle due to the high carbon content and so it was mainly used for plain and functional products such as Cabinet, drawer and door hardware rather than aesthetic ones.  Over time wrought and malleable iron was discovered, and more decorative designs could be created. This was because this type of iron was easier to bend and shape and so more complex patterns such as the leaf or spade shapes could be made. These designs are still being used today. Originally the original Hardware designs were fixed using nails rather than screws .

Looking after your Antique Cast Iron Hardware

Firstly cast, malleable and wrought iron is always at risk of corroding and rusting and will do so at the first opportunity it can get. But not to worry, cast iron is a tough old metal and a bit of rust is normal and won't hurt it though we do suggest a few things below.

With items such as hinges, Gate hardware, door knockers and door handles etc, with moving parts will constantly rub against each other, and over time the protective coating applied to them will wear away. Fitting the product can also cause abrasion to the surface as the screws are tightened, if care isn’t taken when installing. A screwdriver can slip, scratching the surface and the screw heads can also scratch through the black coating exposing the cast iron beneath to the air which can allow it to start rusting. Unfortunately this is unavoidable, but buying high quality products and taking good care of your iron will help to protect it. It greatly helps if you can apply a light oil or beeswax  into the moving joints to stop any corrosion happening. 

If you have some rust spots and a couple of suggestions how to fix

Everyday use can cause wearing and chipping of the protective surface.  Moving cast iron parts also need yearly maintenance care to protect them as the metal parts move against each other exposing the cast iron beneath. This is absolutely no problem and is perfectly normal and wont affect the usage or beauty of yoiur cast iron hardware. No protective surface is impervious to the effects of the sun,UV, wind and rain and over time it slowly breaks down and will need a little help keeping it in good condition to protect your cast iron product.
If a rust spot does come through either wipe it off with an oily rag, soft bees wax  or apply a small dab of satin black enamel paint or Rust paint and will seal the iron and stop any further rust.  The paint should be 'Satin Black'. Do not use gloss as you will see the difference and the painted areas will be visible. Make sure the surface is dry and grease free before painting. Oiling and painting is a normal part of caring for any cast iron product. It is probably something you should look at doing every year, especially as the winter starts to approach.

We hope you enjoy your cast iron hardware.