New Zealand Native birds furniture hardware

As a kiwi, I love our native birds, I grew up in Waitakere's in west auckland and grew up with the sound of Tui's, waxeyes,fantails and Kereru. 

I came across Olivia Bezett at a local market and was so impressed by her art that it came to me to combine the beauty of Olivia's beautiful NZ birds into a range of our vintage hardware furniture knob handle pulls. You can visit Olivia's art at and highly recommend you visit her website.

Vintique vintage hardware concepts is the first company in NZ to introduce a Kiwi range of hardware. We selected our native bird the Kiwi, the Kereru, the fantail and of course the Tui.

Each vintage furniture knob has a miniature print of a native bird with a heavy glass top mounted on a heavy gold bronze knob.

These vintage furniture knobs are sold individually and will look great on renovated, upscaled,  or new dressers, drawers, cabinets or even as coathooks.

We hope you like our Bird furniture hardware as much as we do

Thank you for shopping at Vintique where we dare to be different.