Directions on how to install Vintage wood appliques and mouldings

Congratulations... if you are looking at this page then you are indeed serious about upscaling your furniture. At Vintique Vintage concepts we hope to offer both the product, the inspiration but the know how how to use our products and create the best vintage looking projects.

Preparation:Clean the back of each applique with a soft damp cloth to remove dust & dirt. Wipe the project pieces down as well in all areas where you plan to install the appliques.
Plan: Hold the applique up against the project piece to find the ideal position for it. If it is hard to tell up close, make one or two loops of painter's tape & stick them to the back of the applique, then press the applique onto your project. Stand back and look at the project from
afar, then adjust the applique as needed.
Mark:  Use a tape measure and pencil to align each applique so it is level and even. Draw small pencil marks to indicate the bottom and side edges of each applique on the project piece, or use small bits of painter's tape if you prefer not to mark the project.
Position: position the project piece horizontally, if possible, so gravity assists your efforts to secure the appliques. eg: if decorating a drawer front, remove it from the furniture and place it so the front faces up before applying the applique.
Now Glue:  Apply a thin bead of adhesive Eg: PVA, Polyurethane Glue or  elastomeric adhesive caulk around the perimeter of the applique, staying at least 3mm from the edge. Apply more adhesive to the inner areas so there is no more than 12mm inch of caulk-free space in any direction on the back of the applique.
Set: Press the applique, adhesive side down, against the project piece, using the pencil or tape marks as guidelines.
Dry: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each remaining applique. Allow the adhesive to completely dry for several hours or as recommended on the adhesive packaging before setting the item up vertically.
Finish: You can stain, varnish or paint now. if you want a clear definition
of the applique you can paint, stain or vanish prior to Gluing to project.
These appliques a unfinished wood so can be painted with most finishes