Types and information on Furniture handles and Knobs

In new or renovation project, You may require drawer, cabinet or furniture handles & knobs. Sure, they all have the same purpose—easy access to the contents of any storage solution. Wouldn’t it make life easier if it comes in just one shape, color, and design?

At Vintique we try to offer unique Vintage and antique hardware to help you create antique lloking projects.

vintage bronzxe look cabinet drawer hanldes knobs

 Bronze and metal Knobs

The vintage appearance of our aged or weathered look finish in a range of muted colours and designs. The result is exquisite and tailored, matching the vibes of a country-style kitchen.

With our vintage look finishes, the handle colour will emphasis the beatuty of your project.

Ceramic Retro and vintage cabinet knobs

vintage ceramic cabinet drawer knobs nz

Vintiques beautifully crafted ceramic cabinet Knobs made with fine craftsmanship and fine work through its intricate designs. They are easy to maintain, versatile and can be used in any interior space. We carry a large selection of ceramic knobs and handles in various sizes, shapes and colors, fit for any type of decor. Give your cabinets a luxurious and elegant vibe with our delicately designed ceramic cabinet hardware. 

Glass & Metal Cabinet, drawer and door Knobs

Bronxe and glass vintage hardware gurniture knob

Mostly these Vintage cabinet Knobs have a bronze base with a glass face. This allows for a beautiful design to be insertd under the glass offering a unique and lovely theme to your furniture renovation project.


Glass (crystal) cabinet and Drawer knobs

Glass Crystal cabinet knobs nz

Glass and crystal cabinet and drawer knobs add a bright and elegant accent to any home. These authentically reproduced glass knobs come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, finishes and colors. Preserve your home's vintage charm with these classic glass and crystal accents

Cabinet and cupboard Pull handles

Vintage bronze pull Handles for cabinets drawers cuopboards nz

Vintique Vintage Cabinet Pull handles are Fixed and come in various designs and finishes. Some are fixed with screws to the from or Bolt screws from the rear. Ofter the screws to the fron will cover old holes if you cant finr the exact length your require


Cabinet and Drawer Swing or drop handles

vintage bronze swing drop handles furniture,drawers nz

Vintiques Vintage Swing or drop handles come in various finishes and materials are available such as antique iron, antique brass, polished brass, polished chrome, traditional steel chest handle zinc plated,cast iron. These swing handles are used for cabinet, cupboard, dresser or chest drawer. The beauty of swing handle is they do not protrude out for the surface.

Drawer Vintage Cup Handles

Vintique vintage hardware cup half moon handle

Vintique's Vintage Cup Handle is one of our most popular types of pull handle and has been deemed a customer favourite for those shopping around particularly for ...Vintiques Drawer pull handles, also known as bin or cup pulls, are a highly popular hardware choice in kitchen cabinetry because of their unique half-moon shape.. we have a large range of Colours,finishes and shapes , also we have in cast Iron.

Flush Door Handles

flush door handles brushed metal nzA flush pull is used to pull the door across. It is 'flush' with the door allowing it to pass into the cavity. If the door retracts into the wall completely, a person can use a door-end pull positioned on the edge of the door in order to retrieve the door.
We hope that these brief descriptions are of some help in sellection the right vintage handles for your renoovation and decoration project.